AWARD-FEVER: Positive development even in difficult times

Also, this year the partner of SystemPlus could be happy about the presentation of the awards for a high-performance level and on-time delivery. SystemPlus Denmark was pleased about two awards. One for the best performance of on-time delivery and one for the best performance of on-time delivery for the Guarantee Service. Here SystemPlus Denmark reached even 100%. For the best service performance SystemPlus Netherlands reached the first place, closely followed by SystemPlus Belgium and SystemPlus Great Britain, who shared the second place. SystemPlus France reached the third place. All the places were accompanied by a cash prize. The main important factors which were evaluated are reachability, special friendliness, fast reaction time, as well as customer and solution orientated acting. 

The HIS-Award (Highest Increase in Shipment) presents the SystemPlus partner with the highest increase in number of shipments. This year SystemPlus Belgium won the first place with an increase rate of 6.58 percent, compared to the previous year. „We are proud, that our teams were able to increase the volumes even in these difficult times. We are optimistic about the coming year. “, summed up SystemPlus-Managing Director Karin Wolf.