KICK-OFF-SALES-MEETING: Teamwork is required

What are the best success stories? Where do we have optimizing potential and what are the trends for the Road-Express-Business? That were the main important questions at the European Kick-off-Sales-Meeting this year. SystemPlus invited all sales people from the different partner companies to come to DE-Niederaula on 27th and 28th January 2023. „The annual Kick-off has established itself as an important date, where all the participants will be updated and sales topics can be analysed and discussed personally “, reported Martina Möller, responsible for Sales and Marketing „That strengthens the sense of togetherness and is a super addition to the meetings at operational and management level”. Together the participants evaluated which impact the development of the E-Commerce-Boom will have on the own business. Additional they worked out marketing activities for the sales in their own country. Selected studies gave valuable aspects which can be required by the customers. That is helpful for all partners to understand where the sales process can be optimized. At the end of the meeting all people participate in a competition with questions around SystemPlus to put their knowledge to the test. „The family atmosphere was well received by all participants, new employees and long-term employees. “, Martina Möller said, „and in this pleasant atmosphere networking is quite easy.“