Kick-Off 2024

Kick-Off 2024 in DE-Bad Hersfeld


An exciting start to the new year: At the Kick-Off 2024 on January 26th, 2024 in
DE-Bad Hersfeld, 20 participants from all over Europe came together to develop new sales activities. The event offered an ideal platform for product training, exchange of experiences and intensive networking.


Given the ever-changing market conditions, the Kick-Off event was crucial to define sales strategies for 2024. The participants, consisting of representatives from various partner companies, used the opportunity to expand their specialist knowledge, exchange proven sales techniques and identify new target groups. “Our target this year is to take our sales activities to a new level and to present our product portfolio in the best possible way,” said Martina Möller, Management Sales & Marketing.
Together with our international experts this Kick-Off event gave us the opportunity to develop innovative approaches and prepare ourselves for the changing needs of the market.” In addition to product training, the event included a sales workshop in which participants received practical insights into various sales activities. Regular product training is important so that participants have a thorough understanding of the products on offer and are able to market them effectively.


“The exchange of best practices and the discussion about challenges and opportunities were extremely valuable,” said Marius Zentgraf, responsible for the European line network.