The Premium Service by SystemPlus

Premium Standard is a logistics solution covering the whole of Europe. Precise and thus calculable transit times for your outgoing or incoming consignments. More than 350 SytemPlus partners form a network that covers all of Europe and there will always be a service partner near you. Our Track-and-Trace system will enable you to monitor the status of your consignment at any time.
Delivery notes and transit times can be checked using our website, without the slightest effort.

The service at a glance:

Premium Standard
Road Express-System with defined transit times
  • all-over logistic solution
  • precisely calculable transit times
  • proactive tracking & tracing service

Premium COD
Cash On Delivery Service
  • combination of Premium Standard and the pan-European Cash On Delivery Service

Premium DG
Dangerous Goods Service
  • safe dispatch of dangerous goods within Europe

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